Bird Control Legislation

Legislation in the UK covers both wild birds and their nests.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981)

This is the primary legislation which protects birds (and some other animals and plants) in the UK.

Under this Act, you are liable for prosecution and large fines if you kill, injure or take any wild bird whether this is intentional or accidental. Eggs and nests are also protected and may not be removed or destroyed while in use or being built. Additional protection is given to certain rare species.

With fines of up to £5,000 and/or six months imprisonment for breaches of the Act, It is extremely important that you get advice from a bird control expert if you think that nesting birds are damaging your business.

When is a bird ‘wild’?

The Wildlife and Countryside Act defines a wild bird as a bird of any species that is resident in or is a visitor to any member state of the European Territory. This includes pigeons, gulls and other species commonly thought of as almost domestic. Game birds are specifically excluded from most of the Act but are covered by the Game Acts which protect them during the close season.

Providing bird control for nuisance birds

It is possible to get an exemption to the provisions of the Wildlife and Countryside Act by obtaining a ‘General Licence’. Licence conditions vary in the different countries of the UK, but we are able to assess the circumstances, offer advice on the best control methods to use and gather the evidence required to apply for the Licence on your behalf.

We have years of experience in dealing with the relevant control bodies such as Natural England and your local council and the police, to ensure that you are protected from prosecution.

Wherever possible we use natural and humane ways of deterring birds and preventing them causing problems, see our deterrent page for more information.

If you have a bird problem you can rely on CSS Environmental Pest Services to handle it legally and effectively, call us now on 0800 254 003 and we can arrange a free survey at your premises.