Bird Control

CSS Environmental Pest Services carry out specialist bird control programmes throughout the UK.

Our work prevents the spread of diseases carried by common pest species such as pigeons as well as protecting the fabric of buildings.

Our staff are certified and licenced to handle your bird pest problem quickly, efficiently, legally and safely.

Read more about Bird Control Legislation in the UK here

Our bird control services

  • Fouling Clearance – removal of hazardous waste associated with pigeon and other bird droppings, contaminated with bacteria and potentially capable of transmitting diseases to other animals and humans.
  • Bird deterrent systems – primarily physical barriers that prevent birds nesting or feeding on the building, such as spikes, post and wire, netting, laser bird deterrent systems and optical gels. The most appropriate system is based on a survey of the bird pressure.
  • Falconry the ancient art of falconry has its place in modern day pest control our falconers use their trained hawks to clear birds such as pigeons from open and built-up areas [more] link.
  • Management of nesting birds – wild birds and their nests are protected under complex legislation. If you have a problem with nuisance birds, it is vital that you seek expert advice from a bird specialist Pest control company, such as CSS Environmental Pest Services, see Bird Control Legislation page
  • Solar panel bird proofing and deterrent systems – getting rid of pigeons under solar panels is a specialist job. Read more

If you have a bird problem you can rely on the expertise of CSS Environmental Pest Services, call us now on 0800 254 003 and we can arrange a free survey at your premises.