Innovation And Technology

Below is an outline of some of the innovative technology that we use at CSS Environmental Pest Services. We investigate and test new tech for the industry to ensure we give our clients the most effective and efficient service.

UV dust

Careful placement of a powder containing pigment only visible under UV light is a highly effective way of tracking pest movements. It is useful for rodents where they may not eat bait and gives an indication of the level of activity in an area. Tracking how the dust is spread can also highlight routes of access between rooms or entry points in walls, ceilings and floors.

Industrial and Commercial Fumigation

Fumigation is a specialist technique that is used to kill pests in confined spaces such as warehouses, mills and containers. Controlled release of a toxic gas allows it to permeate cracks and crevices more efficiently than spraying. After taking effect, the space can be thoroughly ventilated, removing any trace of the gas and so eliminating problems with chemical residues.

In grain stores, the crop can be sheeted and then the gas released under the sheet, containing it and ensuring it reaches effective concentrations and permeates where the pests are to be found. This is also useful in timber stores.

Trap-tech – radio-monitored rodent traps

One of the most successful innovations in rodent trapping has been the introduction of radio-monitored traps. Each trap is in radio contact with a base station and sends a pre-determined regular signal. This could be daily, every 3 days or weekly. These tell the base station whether the trap is still active or has been activated by a rodent.

The base station can send an email alert to a group or single email account when a trap has been activated or stopped responding.

This means we can monitor the traps remotely, 24/7.  We can tell exactly which traps need resetting and which are still set and active, reducing the need for regular physical inspection, and giving a much more efficient service.

This remote monitoring of the rodent traps in your building is just one of the ways CSS Environmental Pest Services uses the internet to improve monitoring of pest programmes. We also send reports electronically from site as they are completed, and customers can log-in to a real-time update of their pest control service whenever it suits them.

CSS Environmental Pest Services use the latest tech and techniques to deliver a more effective and efficient service to our clients. To find out more about how we could help you stay on top of your pest control, call us on 0800 254 003.