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Anti-Contraband and Prison Netting

If you are looking to prevent items such as drugs, mobile phones or other contraband from being dropped or thrown into your site, one of the best solutions is contraband netting.

CSS Environmental Pest Services can install and fit contraband netting to prevent the supply of drugs and contaminants to high security sites such as prisons.

The netting material we use is fire-retardant, chemical and weather resistant. Our professional installers are also experienced in working to high levels of confidentiality.

Specialist solutions for anti-drug measures

Every contraband netting project has specialist requirements and we use a combination of supports, fixings and materials that are tamper-proof and difficult to breach. Read more about the problem of contraband in prisons in this article.

[Source: Mirror.co.uk]

CCTV photo of contraband being thrown over a prison wall.

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As well as expertise in contraband netting, we also fit netting to protect buildings from birds

Commercial Abseiling and Rope Access

Do you need to gain access to a difficult to reach section of your building? It might be for inspection, maintenance, cleaning or installation of equipment.

We use a cherry picker for the majority of our external access work but sometimes the best way to gain access to parts of the exterior of your building is by using ropes. Our specialist staff can work safely at height using ropes to lower themselves to the exact spot needed.

Our staff are qualified Industrial Rope Access Technicians (IRATA), specifically trained for working safely at heights using ropes.

Call CSS Environmental Pest Services to come and carry out a free survey and find out whether our abseiling and rope techniques could be the cost-effective answer to your tricky access project.

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