Bird Deterrents

Preventing birds from spreading disease and damaging buildings is a vital part of the bird control service offered by CSS Pest Services.

We will survey your building and make appropriate recommendations for measures to protect you and your property. Professional fitting and maintenance of these is important so that they continue to work efficiently. Use CSS and you can be sure that your bird proofing is correctly installed and remains in good working order.

Methods of proofing a building against birds or deterring them from feeding or roosting nearby

Bird control Spike systems

These are fitted on a window ledges to prevent birds such as seagulls or pigeons roosting. The size and materials can vary according to the main species of bird you wish to deter, aesthetics and the surface of the building.

Bird netting

Netting is popular on historic buildings as it can be almost invisible and excludes birds from a wide area or where access is difficult. Access zips provide for easy maintenance and our maintenance contract will ensure they are not damaged.

Spring wire systems

Nylon-coated spring tensioned wires are fitted between stainless steel posts. This solution works for window ledges and ridges.

Optical gels

A harmless chemical gel which contains oils and ultraviolet pigments that are invisible to humans but which smell unpleasant and look like flames to birds. With specialist application this can disrupt the bird’s view of the structure so that it no longer appears attractive and they go elsewhere. This solution is usually invisible from the ground so popular on historic properties.

Timed laser bird deterrent systems

Using laser light beams to deter birds from landing and roosting on your premises is an effective form of bird control. We use several different units depending on the situation and size of area to be protected. Some of our electronic laser repellers use dual lasers that periodically change the pattern of the beam to prevent the birds from acclimatising to the light. These lasers are a humane and eco-friendly solution to many bird problems and can be used indoors or outdoors, 24 hours a day.

We also use hand held laser bird scarers to clear birds from an area especially in arable situations, or close to built-up areas where noise-based bird scarers are not suitable.


Hawking is a highly effective way of deterring birds such as pigeons or gulls in public areas, large open spaces such as sports stadia or during construction projects. Using highly trained birds of prey, we make regular visits and the hawks fly through the area encouraging the pest species to move away.

This is a completely humane method of control as our birds are trained not to kill the pests but simply to scare them. Read more about how our Falconry can help you


Another technique for pest bird population control is trapping. CSS Pest Services have a wide variety of types of trap and together with the options above can advise which method of bird removal will be most suitable for your situation.

If you would like to discuss using physical and chemical deterrents to discourage birds from your buildings or solar panels, get in touch with CSS Pest Services.

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