Bird Fouling/Extreme Cleaning

Specialist bird fouling cleaning services

Bird droppings, carcasses and nesting material are not simply unsightly but can spread disease and damage the fabric of buildings. As part of our suite of pest bird control measures we can carry out specialist cleaning to remove any bird deposits safely and cleanly.

We have experience of working on listed buildings to remove all traces of bird fouling, guano and nesting material as well as in and around roofs and in confined spaces.


  • Carry out initial full Risk Assessment together with Method Statement
  • Fully trained teams wearing appropriate PPE
  • Isolate the problem area and use an initial biocidal spray to reduce the potential disease hazard
  • Use sealed containers to remove bulk fouling materials
  • Follow Local Authority regulations with relevant certification for waste transfer
  • Use a long-lasting residual insecticide and a final biocidal treatment
  • Comply with the requirements of DEFRA, RSPCA, RSPB and the Wildlife and Countryside Act

Nest removal

Birds are generally protected by the law in Britain and It is illegal to remove a bird’s nest without a special license, issued to authorised persons. It is always advisable to seek advice from an authorised pest control company such as CSS Pest Services before taking any action that might disturb birds. See our Bird Legislation page.

We can also recommend and fit suitable bird exclusion systems using an appropriate combination of netting, post and wire, spikes and optical gels.

To arrange a free survey or for specific advice on bird fouling cleaning, call us on 0800 2545 003.