HeatPro Heat Treatment for Insects

What is the CSS HeatPro heat treatment?

A chemical-free heat treatment highly effective against insect pests such as bed bugs, textile pests and cockroaches through a targeted application of heat

CSS HeatPro heat treatment mobile system delivers dry, transferable heat to treat infestations and is highly suitable for hotels, guest houses, care homes, domestic dwellings and many more.

The CSS HeatPro heat treatment kills all life stages from egg to larvae and adults of bed bugs and is 100% effective. It is designed for larger items such as beds, sofas and cupboards and the fan heaters ensure that units reach between 52°C and 60°C.

CSS HeatPro heat treatment delivers:

  • Low disruption – Single, quick, efficient treatment which eliminates insect pest normally within a day dependant on property/room size, allowing treated objects to be re-used quickly afterwards
  • Pest problems are swiftly and thoroughly eradicated, ensuring infestations are promptly contained and managed
  • Minimised cost – Mattresses and furniture can be treated, saving you the cost of disposal and replacement

What are the advantages of using heat treatment against bedbugs?

There are 2 advantages of heat treatment over conventional insecticides for controlling bedbugs;

  1. Speed
    The first is speed of action. Due to the life cycle of the bedbug and the difficulty of ensuring that a chemical application has penetrated every crack and crevice where bedbugs might be found, several applications are usually required. With heat treatment, all stages of the insect are killed outright. After heat treatment the room can be ready for use again the same day.
  2. Safety and the Environment
    The second advantage is safety and environmental considerations. Avoiding the use of insecticides reduces the risk of any contamination, or any damage to delicate surfaces or materials.

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