Sharps and Needles

Removal cleaning service and disposal of Sharps and Needles

CSS Pest Services offers a thorough assessment, removal and cleaning service for disposal of dangerous and potentially infectious sharps and needles.

We work with clients in the public and private sector to deal professionally and effectively with this hazardous waste.

Dangers of needles and sharp objects

Often associated with illegal drug use, discarded needles, syringes, blades and broken glass present a significant bio-hazard to the unwary passerby or untrained cleaning staff. Apart from the danger of a puncture wound, they may be contaminated and spread infectious diseases such as HIV or hepatitis B.

If any of these objects are found on your premises they should be removed as swiftly as possible by trained personnel and disposed of safely to comply with legislation as well as to prevent any transmission of disease. The area should then be disinfected and made safe for general use again.

Sweep of premises

If you have a building where you suspect illegal drug use might have been taking place then we can conduct a sweep to check the whole building, including investigating any rubbish heaps or bags. We then identify and safely dispose of any hazardous objects we find. This will then make it safe for other contractors or staff to operate in that area.

CSS Action Plan for sharp and needle removal

  • Carry out an inspection and identify hazards.
  • Wearing appropriate PPE and following approved methods collect and remove the items.
  • Dispose of them in an approved manner according to current COSHH legislation and health and safety regulations.
  • Disinfect and clean the surrounding area.

With trained staff always on call, you can be confident of a swift response from CSS Pest Services to any incident requiring safe disposal of blades, syringes and needles.

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