Pest Control in Hospitals, Surgeries and Nursing Homes

CSS Pest Services has many years experience in dealing with the challenging requirements of hospitals, surgeries and nursing homes for effective pest control.

The necessity of providing a clean environment, together with the need to prevent secondary infections means pest prevention and control measures for healthcare providers must be through and efficient. Most hospitals, GP surgeries and nursing homes are busy places with large numbers of people moving around, making it hard to seal off buildings and eliminate the presence of pests. CSS therefore makes use of baiting, trapping and careful monitoring of pest populations to target the best pest control especially around catering areas.

Requirements of the Health and Social Care Act 2008

CSS can handle all responsibilities that arise under this and the Food and Environment Protection Act (FEPA) 1985. In particular, our detailed record-keeping, real-time reporting and online access to all reports and certification makes our service fully auditable.

We also act as consultants to Health Care Trusts and other organisations to ensure that their in-house procedures and practices are of the appropriate standard.

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