Pest Control for Offices

CSS Pest Services provide professional pest control services in commercial offices throughout the country.

Protect your premises and your personnel

You have various legal obligations to your office staff, including protecting them from the diseases spread by pests. The presence of pests is distressing as well as potentially dangerous for staff and visitors and can affect your business reputation, using our professional and confidential service will protect your business interests.

Pest Prevention Service for Offices

Prevent pests from causing problems in your office start when, we carry out a risk assessment site survey. We then implement a range of measures to reduce the risk of pests harming your staff, your building and your reputation.

Responsive Pest Control for Offices

We offer a range of service agreements or one-off call out charges to respond when you find a pest problem in your office. This might be cockroaches in the canteen, pigeons in the guttering or rats eating insulation in the boiler room, whatever the degree of risk these pests present, we can take appropriate measures to remove them. We have specialist equipment and training for bird control.

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