CSS Pest Services will provide complete piece of mind to remove and prevent re-infestation

Cockroaches in the home or business are a health hazard to many because of the risks cockroach antigens pose to asthma sufferers.

They are a significant health risk within food industry and catering premises and if left untreated will result in closure from local enforcement Environmental Health Officers until the infestation is cleared.

Traditionally, cockroaches were controlled because they are offensive, leaving behind an awful smell and they cause gastrointestinal and respiratory illness. They are also carry of diseases such as Salmonella & Dysentery.

Control of Cockroaches

CSS Pest Control have the latest equipment and techniques to deal with all levels of cockroach infestation.

To protect your reputation and ensure your safety is protected it is necessary to have the infestation professionally treated to combat all life stages


  • We are SafeContractor approved – Ensuring that health and safety competence is a first priority
  • CEPA certified to provide assurances that we maintain European quality standards for pest services
  • British Pest Control Association accredited to give you piece of mind that all works undertaken are carried out to strict codes of practice

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