Carpet Beetle

There are three common species of carpet beetle:

Anthrenus verbasci, the varied carpet beetle (see above image)
Anthrenus museorum, the museum beetle
Anthrenus scrophutanae, the common carpet beetle


The carpet beetle is one of the most common pest species in Britain, surpassing the clothes moth in the amount of damage it causes.

The larvae can be destructive pests of woollen materials, furs, leather and carpets. Damage can also occur to furniture where there are fabrics and materials of animal origin used in their construction. Occasionally stored food products are attacked. In common with other insects bearing hairs, skin contact with the larvae may cause irritation.

Controlling Carpet Beetles

Treatment consists of identifying the extent of infestation and then treatment of affected areas with a residual insecticide. At CSS we also make thorough checks to ensure that old bird nesting material or similar is not harbouring infestation.

If your carpets are to be treated, then we will take great care to use an insecticide which will not stain or otherwise damage the carpet.

If you have or think you have a problem with Carpet Beetles use the experts in beetle control on 0800 254 5003.