The moth is a significant pest, the larvae feeding on a wide variety of material of animal origin such as woollens, furs, etc. Damage from larval feeding can be severe and the larvae are often difficult to detect since they shun the light.

Outdoors, adults are on the wing from May to September. Indoors, adults are found all year round.


Our treatment for moths consists of tracing the source of infestation, removing and destroying any infested foodstuffs and then applying a residual insecticide to infested areas.

We always take care  to select a non-staining insecticide if soft furnishings are to be treated. Additionally, an ultra-low volume application of insecticide can prove effective. We often use monitoring traps to  aid in determining the level of infestation.

Whilst there is no difficulty in controlling these moths, it is essential that a thorough treatment be carried out and that every possible larval development site is treated.

They may be found in association with birds’ and mammals’ nests, therefore these possibilities should also be checked when tracing the source of the infestation.

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