If you are looking for ways to control flying insects on your premises, CSS Pest Services can advise and carry out inspections, recommend the most appropriate physical or chemical products and fit and apply them.

We are highly experienced in working in food production and preparation companies, one of the most demanding industries for pest control and meeting stringent audit and legislative requirements.

Detailed Reporting including Catch-tray Analysis

If you require counting and identification of the insects found on your premises, we can include Catch-tray Analysis in your regular reports.

Graph shows insects found by location and frequency and relates them to set tolerance levels.
Graph shows the distribution of common species found in catch-trays throughout your building.

This information forms an on-site pest prevention record, which enables you to assess the levels of insect activity each year and is ready for inspection.

Insect pest species

The most common flying insect pest species in Britain are the House fly, Cluster fly, Blow flies and Fruit flies. The crawling insects that cause the most concern for businesses are cockroaches and ants.

Chemical or physical control methods?

While chemical insecticides can be highly effective, there are many situations where it is not possible to use them due to the risk of contamination, such as food preparation areas. In these circumstances, using barriers, glue traps and electronic fly control units is more appropriate.

Fly screens and doors
Electronic and glue board fly killing units

Pest identification

Not sure what insect pest you have? We offer a free pest identification service using our entomologist team. Give us a call or email photographs of the pest/damage and we will identify the problem, or ask you to send us a specimen.

At CSS Pest Services we can recommend the most appropriate solution to a fly problem from the wide range of techniques and products we offer.

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