Pest Control for the Manufacturing Industry

At CSS Pest Services we have a range of specific pest control programmes for manufacturing industry.

We offer reactive services when you find you have a pest problem and long-term proactive programmes. Our proactive manufacturing pest control programmes use the latest techniques to prevent pests from causing damage to your buildings and equipment or affecting the health of your staff. We carry out regular inspections and use detectors to monitor any risk of pest problems. If pests are detected, we will take action to remove them.

In large sites our remote monitoring rodetn traps mean that you can be alerted by email when and importantly where a trap is activated, providing more accurate and timely information on pest activity and reducing the need for lengthy physical inspections. Read more.

Compliance with Regulatory Regimes

Our programmes will fulfil the legal requirements of your Health and Safety and Environmental obligations, as well as any specific requirements from your industry or customers.

Disaster Recovery Plans – don’t forget pests

Does your disaster recovery plan cover the risk of a rodent gnawing through electricity cables? Many factories are in old buildings where pests have many access points. Even in modern purpose built manufacturing premises, it is likely that warehouse doors will be open all day allowing rats, mice, birds and insects easy entry.

We are consultants to many manufacturers, ensuring that their policies and procedures take into account the threats from pests. If you have a regular pest control contractor working on site, we also offer a review to see that their procedures and reporting are as comprehensive as you require.

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