Effective pest control support for Construction sites

Pest control in the Construction industry has two main objectives, firstly protection of your workforce and secondly protection of the building’s structure. CSS Pest Services has a wide range of experience working for construction companies.

The pests which are most commonly associated with construction sites are rodents and birds. CSS Pest Services can carry out surveys and put in place auditable control and protection measures to ensure that work sites are kept free from pigeons and other birds, squirrels, rats and mice.

Health and Safety Compliance

Whether your project involves demolition, construction or refurbishment, using a professional pest control company will assist your obligations that are part of the general responsibility of site management to provide a safe working environment for employees, contractors, and others who may affected by their work, under the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974.

Clearing sites for demolition

If a site has been derelict prior to construction, it may need sweeping for sharps and needles. CSS can carry this out effectively and responsibly. See our sharps and needles page.

Planning to Prevent Pests

It is never too early to involve a professional pest control company such as CSS Pest Services in a construction project as our expertise can be invaluable in the planning stages to offer advice on design that will minimise future pest problems.

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