Food & Drink Manufacturing and Packaging Pest Control

Competence and compliance

The food and drink manufacturing and packing industry has understandably some of the most rigorous specifications for pest control of any industry.

At CSS Pest Services we have the knowledge and experience to provide a pest control service that will meet these requirements and furthermore have the accreditations and innovations to prove it.

Our Executive Reporting Service (ERS) will be designed to comply with, and in many cases exceed, the appropriate legal standards and codes of practice.

Qualifications and practical experience

All our staff are trained to at least Level 2 certification from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and the British Pest Control Association (BCPA).

We have experience of working to specific standards and following the codes of conduct of many of the country’s retailers and international groups such as:

  • Marks and Spencer code of practice
  • Tesco audit standards
  • American Institute of Bakers (AIB)
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) global standards
  • Soil Association
  • And many more

Pest professionals for the food industry

We off a wide range of services from fumigation and heat treatment for full deep cleans to physical, electronic and chemical control methods to control flying insects and servicing of fly and rodent trapping equipment. CSS will carry out professional pest control programmes with the level of reporting to suit to your requirements. Remote monitoring saves time and money and improves the accuracy of our baiting, trapping and control measures. Specialists in bird proofing and decontamination we can reduce the risk of all pests contaminating your factory and warehouse.

Continuous Professional Development

All CSS staff carry out training (enhanced and refreshed) to keep updated with new innovations, industry, safety, legal and any third party audit changes. You can find out more about BPCA registered.

Biologist Inspections

Our Biologist Inspections are carried out by industry leaders who hold BSc Hons and/or BPCA Certified Biologist qualification.

This technical expertise also provides troubleshooting support to our field service staff and customers. Biologist Inspections of customer sites may also include machinery inspection for Stored Product Insects (SPI).

Following the Technical Inspection you will receive a detailed report, available via our online Webportal. These reports will help you manage pest issues, improve hygiene and will identify any pest ingress points and food safety threats. The recommendations will also identify the department responsible for taking any remedial action required.

Entomologist pest identification service

Identification of the correct pest species is key to cost-effective and environmentally responsible control. We have a resident biologist who can identify most of the pests in the UK from photos of the pest and the damage it is causing. If we can’t identify it from the photos then we will ask for a sample of the pest to investigate it further via our entomology team.

Consultancy Services

This is ideal for any commercial premises that currently has a pest programme in place and would like to improve their current service provider’s performance levels. This could be a single ‘improver audit’ by one of our qualified Biologists or a quarterly audit, independent from your incumbent service provider.

If your current supplier is not able to control a current pest issue or has difficulty in translating the information that is found during their inspections into a readable and written trend analysis format our experienced consultants can also help.

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