Rats in drains

The Rat Detection Scan

The most common complaint we hear is that we have an infestation inside the building, but we don’t know where it is located or where it’s coming from.

In understanding the activity you’re experiencing it is likely that prolonged activity could be due to a fault on your drainage system, probably due to a collapsed or uncapped drain.

The majority of infestations are due to a redundant and uncapped drains from building works as opposed to a broken / collapsed pipe work. Most of these defects are within the blind junctions and connections on a drainage system and not always directly accessible from any manholes or rodding points, if indeed there are any.

With many years’ experience of drain surveys our rat detection team have developed techniques and equipment for accessing these areas of a drainage system in order that every part of a drainage system can be surveyed, which standard drainage inspection company’s cant.

Once the defects allowing rats to leave a system are found our experience in drain repairs means that we can provide a focused rat proofing repair to ensure access is denied permanently.

Our scanning team have a 100% success rate in finding how rats can leave your drainage systems and enter your building.

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