Dermestes Beetle (Dermestidae spp.)

Dermestes Beetles (Dermestes spp) are commonly found in food storage areas and warehouses throughout the UK and may intermittently infest households.

They are extremely attracted to animal-based items and can therefore cause vast amounts of damage to a variety of different substances.

Dermestes beetles are a larger group that encompass several subspecies, three of which are often found in the UK. The Dermestidae insect family is also closely related to the carpet beetle, a pest insect species which is more common in the home.

Dermestes beetles are animal protein feeders, which can pose a significant risk in areas such as museums or anywhere protein can be found. They often will target leather and/or animal hides, as well as dry pet foods. If a considerable number of dead insects build up in an area this could attract a secondary infestation of dermestes beetles.

Where dermestes beetle infestations are found, the first measure is to undertake a deep clean and if required include it in your hygiene procedures. The beetles are opportunistic, so if food debris is present this will encourage further pest activity.

Dermestes larvae pupate will seek a safe place for developing into adult beetles, which could lead to damaging any relatively hard substances, including plaster and wood. This will leave unsightly holes in the affected area and could lead to structural issues.

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