Fly Control Units

A combination of Fly control units and physical barriers delivers a long-lasting solution to preventing flying insects from becoming a problem and satisfy your legal Health and Safety and hygiene obligations. Read about Fly Screens and doors here.

Fly Control Units

We offer both electric fly killers and glue board units. These are essential equipment for most food prep areas especially in pubs, restaurants and bars.

There is a wide range of units available, we have the experience to recommend the one(s) that will be most suitable for your situation and size of premises. Units are available to buy or rent and we can also carry out regular cleaning and servicing to ensure they are working at optimum efficiency.

We are experienced in most makes and models of fly killer units so can service and repair your existing units too.

Reporting for full compliance

Our comprehensive reporting system demonstrates due diligence should you be inspected. At CSS Pest Services we have entomological experts skilled at identifying the flying insects and other pests infesting your premises.

Our reports include a count of the insects killed and identification of the species found.

We are always happy to offer advice about the best insect pest control equipment for your needs.

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