Fly Screens

Keep the insects out!


Control the nuisance and potential health risk of flying insects without chemicals by using physical  barriers, in combination with traps and electronic fly control units. These deliver a long-lasting solution to preventing flying insects from becoming a problem and satisfy your legal Health and Safety and hygiene obligations.

Fly screen examples

Fly screens and doors – Keep the insects out

The most common barriers to flying insects are fly screens and doors.

Fly screens fit over existing openings and have a fire-retardant pvc coated fibreglass mesh. They can be removed easily for cleaning and can be made to measure to fit your windows.

Fly Doors may be chain, roller or magnetic. Chain doors are ideal for commercial kitchen situations with heavy daily traffic as they are tough and durable.

Traps are an essential part of a thorough pest control service as they enable monitoring and identification of the exact pest species that you have. Precise placement of glue traps is also effective in controlling some species.

Improve your compliance with our thorough reports

We have a comprehensive reporting system which demonstrates due diligence in the event that you have an inspection.

More information here about our glue board fly units and electronic fly killing units that can be used in combination with Fly screens and doors.

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