Bird of Prey Programme

CSS Pest Services, leaders in Pest managmenet and Bird control services recognise that in some cases more orthodox methods of Bird control such as proofing systems and culling are either not practical or not desirable.

This is where falconry can provide an answer.

All animals have their natural predators – even urban birds that have no first-hand experience of predation still carry that genetic memory. For a pigeon, the sight of a bird of prey which, in the wild, would be its natural predator is enough to cause it to take flight.

As the different species of falcons and hawks themselves hunt different prey, they can, in our experience, be used against a variety of urban pest birds.

CSS Pest Services Bird of Prey Programme will involve a number of visits from our Bird of Prey handler to the effected site.

Our Bird of Prey handler will determine the number of flights required during a ‘blitz programme’, dependant on the pest bird type. Different bird species require different approaches to convince the target pest that the site is an unsafe place to occupy.

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