Installation of the RatMat complete at one of CSS Pest Services customers premises to deter possible rodent entry.

RatMat is an innovative, humane, cost effective, rodent repellent. This easy-to-use solution protects cars, industrial machinery, stock and by repelling rats, mice and other rodents.

The RatMat tiles can be used as a long term solution to prevent rats and mice causing expensive damage to property such as cars, trucks, combine harvesters and other vehicles or property. Park your car, truck, combine harvester, or place other essential equipment on the RatMat, and using the principles of an electric fence, the RatMat will repel rats and mice and protect your expensive property from damage. Alternatively, RatMat can be used to restrict access to buildings by placing the tiles across entranceways or other access points. The RatMat is safe, scalable and transportable and doubles as a hardwearing floor surface. RatMat rodent repellent tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

RatMat uses a low energy pulse to repel rodents and protect your property. This pulse is dramatically less powerful than a standard electric fence but strong enough to deter rodents. RatMat can be placed in your garage, factory, industrial unit or on your premises to repel rats, mice and other rodents away from your property.

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Are you ready for the next new innovation in Fly Control?

Fly control in food premises is essential to maintain hygiene, prevent contamination, and ensure the safety of the food being prepared, served, or stored. Flies can carry harmful bacteria and pathogens, potentially leading to foodborne illnesses.

CSS Pest Services introduces the future of fly control, flyDetect®.

You can monitor sensitive areas for flying insects from any PC platform and anywhere in the UK. The FlyDetect fly unit features a built-in wide-angle camera to captures an image of the entire sticky board, which will allow you to make a full assessment in real-time

It’s designed specifically for the control of flying insects within the food manufacturing, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

A brand new system for everyday devices.

Set up and monitor multiple clients on a single dedicated platform and schedule notifications for tube and sticky board changes.

Customisable alert notification and historical archiving of sticky board images.

To monitor sensitive areas for flying insects with the unique 24/7 remote monitoring system and built in wide angle camera which captures an image of the entire sticky board.

Fly control is an ongoing process, and consistent efforts are necessary to keep fly populations in check. By implementing a combination of preventive measures, good hygiene practices, and, if needed, professional assistance, you can effectively manage fly infestations in food premises and ensure the safety of your food products.